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** Prebook and Custom Orders **

**This rare plant drop will take place on this site 3/30 at NOON. There will be a LIMITED quantity of each item, with several different products available. To make your checkout process easier, we highly recommend registering/logging into your prebook account BEFORE the launch goes live at noon. The plants will be first-come, first-serve. They are ONLY available to be delivered the week of 4/10. Any other delivery dates selected will be ignored. Please do not add any other prebook product from other tabs on the site to your order.**

If you are a potential new customer, please contact us first before placing an order. You can learn more about how we operate here.

Please use this prebook site for in-advance orders only. Visit our In-House site for same-week order options.

Prebooked items are offered with the understanding that items are ordered, at minimum, one week in advance so we can bring them in for you. Please pay attention to any delivery/timeframe questions during checkout.

If you are prompted for a password on one of our pages, it means we are not currently accepting orders for those items. We will send out an announcement by email when we re-open that availability. (Don’t get our emails? Sign-up here!)

Please be sure to register an account for your business on this website, even if you have one created on our other shopping sites. You can use the same log-in info, but our sites do not automatically share that information between them, so you will need to make one in order to purchase.

Please place separate orders for each page! Each tab represents a separate vendor we source from, and we do not want any of your items to be overlooked or sent to the wrong vendor.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at mail@tristatefoliage.com or call us at 513-825-1885.

We appreciate your business!

-TSF Team